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150th Anniversary Celebrations Schneller Orphanage Tower in Jerusalem

The year 2010 was the year that brought the Protestant Christian work that was started by Johann Ludwig Schneller in 1860 in Jerusalem to the age of one hundred and fifty years. This was a very long period that indicated that the Schneller ministry was the work of God rather than mere human beings. It was the fruit of the faith of those who followed the example of Johann Ludwig Schneller; from the Schneller family, and others from Germany, Switzerland, and the Middle East; those who continued to obey the calling of our Loving Lord Jesus Christ, to love and serve those who are desperately in need. This active faith was certainly the work of God and it continues in Schneller schools to this day.
When one looks back at 150 years, one certainly sees human failure, mistakes, agonies, wars, and many disappointments; but the objective honest eye cannot but also recognize the hand of God in the wonderful work that provided homes to orphans, schools for the blind, education for girls, hope and opportunities to all who were willing to receive them, irrespective of race, color, nationality or religion (Christian, Muslim or Jew).
Johann Ludwig Schneller School in Khirbet Kanafar had, as part of its 150th Jubilee year, a special celebration that started on Wednesday 14 April 2010 and continued until Thursday the 15th. A high-level delegation from our partners EVS (Evangelischer Verein für die Schneller-Schulen) and EMS (Evangelisches Missionswerk in Südwestdeutschland) in Germany arrived on Wednesday in the evening. The delegation included Prof. Dr. Herta Däubler-Gmelin (a lawyer and an honorary professor at the University of Berlin, member of the German parliament from 1972 till 2009 and the German Minister of Justice from 1998 till 2002), Dr. Martin Schneller (the son of the founder of Theodore Schneller School in Amman - Jordan and a former German ambassador), Dr. Basil Rischmaui (former JLSS student and medical doctor), Mrs. Kerstin Sommer (Vice-President of the youth organization of Baden-Württemberg and the person responsible for youth work in the Evangelical Church of Baden), Rev. Will Eberhard (Chairperson of the EMS Mission Council since 2003 and in the Department for Mission and Partnership of the Evangelical Church of Kurhesse and Waldeck), Mrs. Baking Traditional Lebanese BreadMargit Rupp (Vice-President of the Executive Board of the Schneller Foundation who studied law and has been working in the administration of the Evangelical Church of Württemberg since 1993, and since 2001 is the director of the administration), Rev. Klaus Schmid (former JLSS educator, Chairperson of the EVS Board, and the President of the Executive Board of the Schneller Foundation), and Rev. Andreas Maurer (Executive Secretary of EVS and the Schneller Foundation and former pastor of the German speaking Protestant Congregation in Beirut from 1995 till 1999). Accompanying the group was a reporter from ARD Television, Ms. Gabriele Damasko.
The German guests were welcomed by Rev. Dr. Habib Badr, Rev. George D. Haddad, members of the JLSS Board of Trustees, and teachers and members of staff from JLSS. 
The program for the evening was a traditional Lebanese night. A former JLSS student who is now a famous Lebanese folk-singer, Mr. Sami el-Ayyoubi, brought his band of musicians and they performed in honor of our guests and the historic occasion. All sorts of traditional Lebanese foods were prepared, baked, and served. Lebanese breads were also prepared and baked in the traditional way and served. After enjoying the food it was time for Lebanese folk-dancing (DABKEH) which was performed to LOUD Lebanese music and singing. It eventually changed to Lebanese-German DABKEH which was really nice.
The program on Thursday started at 10.30 AM in Hermann Schneller HallJLSS Girls Playing the Recorders with a special performance by our students to commemorate the occasion. It included music, singing, poetry, play-acting, and video presentations prepared by students from both the academic and vocational departments. Our students performed very well and received great encouragement from our German guests and members of the JLSS Board of Trustees. Dr. Martin Schneller then addressed our students with greetings and great words of encouragement. He was followed by Dr. Basil Rischmaui who spoke about his days in Schneller and his classmates who all later achieved great success in their careers.
The afternoon program started with the thanksgiving service which was held in St. Michael's Church at 4.00 PM. Dr. Ghazi Mcharbash, director of Theodore Schneller School, who arrived from Amman also attended the service. Most of the Members of Parliament and Ministers representing the West Bikaa region were attending. The President of the Supreme Council of Evangelical Churches in Syria and Lebanon, Rev. Dr. Salim Sahyouni accompanied by many Evangelical pastors were attending. Bishop Mansour Hobaikah, Bishop André Haddad, Bishop Speridon Khoury, Bishop Boulos Safar, of the Maronite, Catholic, Orthodox, and Syriac churches attended with a number of priests. Sheikh Abbas Diebeh of the Shiite community of Machghara also attended. Most of the dignitaries of Khirbet Kanafar and the neighboring towns were also present. Mr. Andreas Fiedler was representing the German Embassy in Lebanon. Dr. Michael Guder of GTZ, Mr. Carlos Nafaa of the Department of Vocational Training in the ministry of Education, and many 150th Anniversary Thanksgiving Serviceother honored guests and friends of JLSS also attended along with former directors of JLSS, Dr. Riad Kassis and Mr. John Itr.
The service included a music performance of Variations from Concertino for Clarinet and Piano op.26 by Carl Maria von Weber. Our Music teacher Mr. Joseph Sleilati played the clarinet accompanying Miss Ghiwa Chakrina on the piano. Unfortunately, the speakers during the service did not stick to the program that gave each only five minutes. Some even gave their address in two languages so the program dragged for almost two hours. Our guests were gracious and patient. We express our whole-hearted thanks to them for enduring for two hours. We also apologize for this unintended very long program.
After the service our honored guests with all the students, teachers, trainers, house parents, and members of JLSS staff moved to the place of the memorial statue kindly donated and sculpted by alumnus George Eid Eid to commemorate the 150th anniversary. The memorial statue was erected on a stone on which the old name, year of foundation, and bible verses that were on the facade of the main building in Jerusalem were etched. Dr. Martin Schneller unveiled it after giving a very short address. Dr. Martin Schneller Unveiling the 150th Memorial
All then moved to Elisabeth von der Decken Hall, our new vocational training center, which was opened by Rev. Dr. Habib Badr. Rev. Andreas Maurer unveiled the memorial plaque inside it. The project was financed by the legacy of the late Elisabeth von der Decken, BibleLands, EMS, and the Schweizer Verein to whom we are very grateful.
After visiting the new vocational training center all moved to the main dining hall where a reception was held in honor of all our guests.
The National Evangelical Church in Beirut held a special service and a very nice music program in Beirut on Friday 16 April 2010 at 7.00 PM to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Schneller schools. It was followed with a reception in Charles Saad Hall.
The volcano ash crisis that was hampering air travel was a source of inconvenience to our German guests. Some could only fly back to Rome from which they rented a van and drove all the way to Germany. Others had to wait three days to get places on flights back to Germany.
We thank all our honored guests for attending our 150th Anniversary celebrations. We apologize to our German guests for the inconvenience they went through in returning home.
We praise God for 150 years of wonderful Schneller ministry in the Middle East, and we commit both our school to the wonderful gracious care of our Loving God towards a glorious future secured by His grace and providence.

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