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The Academic Department

To educate orphans and socially underprivileged children regardless of sex, race, and religion is the mission of our school.
We strives to help children who are entrusted to our care to grow intellectually, psychologically, ethically and spiritually into young men and women who will be responsible members of the society.  Picture from Academic Department
This department consists of the Kindergarten (KG1, KG2, & KG3), the Elementary School (grades 1 to 6), the Intermediate School (Grades 7 to 9), and the Secondary School (Grades 10 & 11).
Students learn English, Arabic, German or French from Kindergarten. 
Computer lessons start from Grade 4.
Students study Art, Music and Sports in all grades.  
Education in Schneller is based on teaching values of honesty, integrity, respect, and caring for others. It emphasizes peace and tolerance.  The focus is on real-life topics and projects, involving students cooperation and initiative. 
Educators emphasize creativity, self expression, confidence, responsibility, self assessment, social interest, solving problems, raising awareness [dangers of smoking, addiction, pollution, social media and various forms of abuse], and care for the environment. 
Educational and recreational trips are organized yearly.
Other activities include celebrating religious feasts, both Christian and Muslim.
A Field Day and a Funfair are held every year.
Our school takes care of slow learners, weak students, and students of different capabilities.
Teachers participate in workshops and courses in local universities.
For more information about the Academic Department please contact the Head of the Department. 

Schneller School Name in Arabic
Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

Education for Peace since 1860