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The Boarding Department

The boarding department offers about 145 places for children and young people aged 4 - 20. We care for children from underprivileged families. If a child experiences a crisis in childhood, we see it as a chance to help the child and the parents. We aim to help children grow into responsible adults who are able to solve problems. We are aware that the history of the child sometimes affects this process not only positively. It is a chance for a child to experience community life with others and we try to help to turn it into a positive experience.  We welcome children from all ethnic and religious backgrounds. Our education and attitude towards the children is based on Christian values. Children of our Boarding Department with their Christmas Presents
We have a holistic understanding of education; we care not only for the academic development of the child. Emotional and spiritual aspects are important too.  The children are grouped in 10 boarding homes, which we call Families. Each Family is looked after by one or two educators who live with the children.  We have 27 places for girls. The educators are responsible for the daily life of the children. We offer children a home for the time they need it.
It is also very important for the children to keep close ties with their families through returning home on a regular basis.  Children are and will remain children of their parents. We include parents in decisions and give them as much support as possible. The same applies to single parents or relatives of the few orphans we have.
Conflict resolution
All members of staff assist children in developing non violent behavior. They teach them conflict resolution through peaceful ways.
Schneller has a safe and pleasant environment. Children are able to enjoy outdoor activities and sports in their free time.
The future chances for graduates from our school are good. Alumni success comes mostly from their own hard work but is also a result of the work of our educators, trainers, and teachers.

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