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International Coworkers

Ecumenical Co-workers are individuals or families that are sponsored by a church or a Christian organization to work with us as staff that are unpaid by us. The aim of this is to foster fellowship and partnership with the worldwide church.

Each year, many people come from around the world to work at the institute. Below is a list of the ecumenical workers, their nationalities and period of stay:

Current International Coworkers:



International Coworkers of Recent Years:

German Flag    Dorothee Beck (2014-2017)

German Flag    Hans Lehner (2010-2013 )

Swiss Flag    Martin Bernhard (1996- 2013)

German Flag    Maria Bogner (2011- 2012)

Dutch Flag    Marius, Els, Lisa and Anna Teeuw (2004-2005)

Canadian Flag    James, LeAnn, Alex, and Kate Friesen (2000-2003)

German Flag    Barbara Wieber (2000-2003)

German Flag    Anselm, Susanne, Jonas, Leonard and Elise Kreh (2002-2006) 

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